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Realising that English lyrics and song writing is the foundation of the UK music industry, it is quite easy to forget or even ignore the wide musical tastes and incredible talent of those who sing in a foreign tongue. Bubble Hits is a fusion of the European success that singers have from country to country. Encompassing Romania to Latvia, Finland to France, the Bubble Hits European Music charts aims to bring you the best selling albums and singles from every country.

There is a distinction between certain fabrics of music. While words and phrasing obviously matter, visit any European country which doesn't have English as its main language and you will find music played from a variety of countries aside from the national language.

Changing Music Industry

As the easy transfer of music digitally via the internet has lessened musicians' earning capacities around the world, music festivals are becoming an increasingly important part of the music industry. Many artists will organise their tour schedules around the dates of festivals, as they can bring them more greater exposure, as well as greater performance-related revenues. From a punter point of view this can also mean that if you miss you favourite artist in one location, you can still get the opportunity to witness their live performance in another, perhaps even another country.


The UK, to be bold, is a very insular nation. It is rare for foreign language singles and albums to enter the market or even reach the top twenty recorded sales. Whether this is because people prefer to understand the lyrics it is unsure, but a great many tunes from abroad are catchy and can be danced to in clubbing scenes globally.

Bubble Hits provides a window to this European culture and the music developed by each genre and generation. As much as people can enjoy Opera or classic music, we are open to the idea that more foreign language music should be played on the airwaves. Of course there is a wide view that American and UK artists are head and shoulders above the rest, but this is usually down to promotion and financial backing alone. Also the hiring of talented writers and musicians aids in the development of albums and singles that take the world by storm.

Several of today's leading pop stars are bi-lingual, just as with Celina Dion in the 1990's. Canadian but French speaking. A variety of Americans sing alternative versions for airing in Spain and Romania, others Italy. Enrique Iglesias is a Spanish American who is bi-lingual and releases hits in both tongues.

If you live abroad for any period of time you will find a vast difference between musical cultures and radio play that is acceptable to populations. The French government prefer French speaking songs in the main, the population differs on that aspect.

In Romania you can find Spanish, Italian, American and British music played alongside Romanian artists. Latin based languages allow more cross references for easier translation, while education in Romania and multiple language is high, it os also in Italy.

If you head to the Nordic countries, they too have a wide range of music from neighbouring countries thanks to the similarity of speech. Netherlands and Germany also. Bubble Hits provides for a more easy listening approach, where lyrics matter but still dependent on popularity across borders and in their host nation.

Music is free of language barriers and the UK should accept more foreign tongue artists into the mainstream. Find within this website, the latest Euro Bubble Hits Top 30 and chart topping foreign artists from all over Europe.

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